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We live in a technologically advanced world. Teens use smartphones on a regular basis. But choosing the best and safest smartphone for teenagers has become a difficult task. Since Smart Phones are becoming more and more essential for your child, finding the right balance between affordability, functionality, and safety is crucial.

Smartphones are a powerful tool

  • Your children can remain in touch with friends and family. Relationships are fostered by social media platforms, texting applications, and video conversations that help them connect.
  • Smartphones are an effective teaching aid. It gives your kid access to a wealth of knowledge, instructional tools, and online resources so they can continue to grow their knowledge and abilities outside of the classroom.
  • A Smartphone has the potential to help in social development. Teenagers can use social media to develop their identities, interact with classmates, and join in online communities that share common interests.

Teenagers and Smartphones - What are the dangers?

  • Excessive screen time, which is frequently connected with smartphone use, can cause both mental and physical health issues such as eye strain, interrupted sleep patterns, and increased anxiety.
  • Smartphones are like a drug for distractions. Social media, games, and notifications can take attention away from studying, impacting academic achievement if not managed properly.
  • Teenagers might be exposed to cyberbullying, unattainable beauty standards, and peer pressure via social media platforms. This can have a negative impact on their mental health and self-esteem.
  • Excessive smartphone use, particularly when focused on games or Pornographic content, can strain family relationships. While they can connect, this can actually in turn cause isolation.

So what age is the right age for your child to have a smartphone?

Let me tell you about Alex. He was looking for the ideal smartphone for his 12-year-old daughter, Mia. He was concerned about Mia’s safe use of her smartphone.Alex started researching, and eventually he found CleanPhone. Right away, he was drawn to the statement, “The Brand Trusted by Thousands of Families.” Alex was curious and looked more to find out why. Some of the things that really stood out to him about the CleanPhone: 
  • Alex liked that with the CleanPhone he could choose which apps he could allow.  The competitors either had no apps allowed (too limiting) or no controls.  This could allow the phone to grow with her.
  • He liked that he didn’t have to configure the filtering – it came right out of the box.
  • Setting times that she could use the internet on the phone was easy and intuitive.  This allowed him to schedule the phone to be off during dinner and off during study times.
  • Texting could be turned on or off and monitored.
  • CleanPhone‘s Parent App made it super easy for him to manage from anywhere.
  • He could see where she was at and track her movements.
  • CleanPhone kept her data safe and secure – while still backing up to known and trusted platforms like Google.
Ultimately, he decided to purchase CleanPhone so he could help Mia.  Once we did, he found it easy to setup.  When he ran into one configuration he couldn’t understand, he reached out to support and they were supportive and helpful and helped walk him thru what he needed.As parents, we all know that the Internet isn’t the safest place these days. But we can use all the help we can to help our pre-teens and teenagers to navigate this tricky time of their lives. CleanPhone is designed for teens, prioritizes safety with strong parental controls. It is durable, affordable, and empowers learning. Make a wise choice, invest in a device that cares for your children’s digital well-being.

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