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CleanPhone Vs Gabb Wireless

Here is our in-depth review of CleanPhone vs Gabb Wireless. We did a thorough CleanPhone Review.


Gabb Wireless


Here are 3 reasons that the CleanPhone is better than The Gabb Wireless Z2 Phone.

1) With Gabb you have no access to the internet period. No matter how old you are, no matter how long you have had the phone, or how mature your child is you can NEVER change that setting. Whereas with the CleanPhone parents are able to toggle on or off the internet depending on the child and time of day. With CleanPhone parents are in control.

2) Gabb does not allow any social media. Parents are NOT able to control whether their kid is responsible enough for Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Whereas with CleanPhone it is up to the parent to decide when or if their child is allowed to have social media. For example, maybe your kid is old enough for Facebook but it is a family rule that snapchat is not allowed. With CleanPhone all of the specific customizations are possible!

3) With Gabb what comes on the phone is what you get. There is NO APP STORE! If they need an app for school they are out of luck. If they want to download religious text they are NOT able to do so. However, with CleanPhone parents have the ability to enable or disable the app store. But wait, there is more. If parents want to prohibit certain apps they still can! They can also manually download apps onto their child's phone.

There are so many options when it comes to CleanPhone!

Finally, a smartphone that grows with our kids!

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