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Today, we’ll look into one of the craziest reports that we’ve seen in a while. A recent article by The Wall Street Journal mentioned that tech-savvy kids have been able to defeat Apple’s and others’ parental controls feature.

We work with parental controls every single day so this has got me itching enough to write this article today. Although Apple, Google, and other software platforms have developed and launched advanced parental control features, they seem to be not making the cut as smart tech-savvy kids are figuring out ways to work around them.

So what’s the point of having parental controls if they won’t work as expected in the first place? Working on parental control features every day, we know what works best and what protects your family best.

The Smarter Move to Parental Controls


This is why we engineered CleanRouter, one of the best ways to keep your kids safe online. With a CleanRouter, you don’t have to deal with Apple or Google. CleanRouter goes right to the source. So instead of having to deal with an individual iPhone, or any other phone, tablet, or computer for that matter, you just have to connect the CleanRouter to your internet.

With your CleanRouter and internet connected together, you can now automatically see devices as soon as they get connected to the Wi-Fi. So you get to see which app or website they’re using, how long they’ve been using it, and basically everything that you want to know about what goes on in your family’s phones.

Additionally, if you don’t want your kids to access a certain website or app, in this instance TikTok, you can set up and configure a feature called Time Restrictions. So if you don’t want your kid using TikTok from 8-10 PM, 8-6 AM, or any other timeframe of your choice, you can easily set a block on it. You can actually turn off the internet at this time, block access to that website or app, or basically anything else you want to do to protect your kids and family.

We have spent countless amounts of time developing this technology that cannot be beaten. And as this connects directly to the source, it’s impossible for kids to work around this.

CleanPhone – The Ultimate Parental Controls?

CleanPhone - The Ultimate Parental Controls

Additionally, we also have something called a CleanPhone that basically does the above-mentioned parental controls on a phone level. So if your kids want a phone but you don’t want them to have access to certain data, you can buy them a CleanPhone and have parental controls without even the need for Wi-Fi.

CleanPhone parental controls features
CleanPhone features

So having the CleanPhone can grant you parental controls without the need of having to connect to the internet. You can manage apps, monitor calls and messages, set apps they can and can’t use, schedule app usage, and get timely screentime reports.

These are all the kinds of abilities that CleanPhone and CleanRouter provide for families and parents all across the country. We believe this is something that every parent should have in their household. If you want to learn more, do check out CleanRouter and CleanPhone as we have a limited Christmas sale going on.

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