Lionel Messi Actually Beat an Egg on Instagram

In addition to a World Cup and a full set of other soccer (aka football) awards, Lionel Messi has taken another crown: the person with the most-liked post on Instagram. The pictures he posted after the Argentine team won the 2022 men’s World Cup have racked up almost 64 million likes. That’s enough to beat the former record-holder, a stock photo of an egg on a white background with a caption that starts, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram.”

The egg’s record has stood since early 2019 after it beat out a post from Kylie Jenner by racking up 19 million likes. At time of writing, it has around 57 million likes.

Above: the most-liked post on Instagram.

Despite the egg’s long-standing record, its days were clearly numbered — the list of the top 20 most-liked posts on Instagram has been dominated by Messi and other footballers. Messi holds eight spots on the list, seven of which were posted before, during, and after this year’s World Cup. (Personally, my favorites are the ones of him on a plane with the trophy, which garnered 37 million likes, and in bed with the trophy, which got 37.5 million likes.) Two other posts on the list were from the sporting event as well.


It seems likely that, someday, Messi’s post will be overthrown. But for now, it seems that many, many Instagram users have joined the crowds of people cheering on the victory he helped achieve. So in addition to his World Cup trophy, Argentina’s star footballer now has the most-liked picture on Instagram.

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