Today, we’ll look at something extremely interesting. A new NFT platform called Quartz, partnered with Ubisoft, has recently emerged into existence but things didn’t really go as well as they planned. They’ve been getting so much backlash ever since their launch so we’ll see what’s really going on here with the new flop project.

The Flopped DIGITS NFT Collection

DIGITS NFT collection by Ubisoft
DIGITS NFT collection by Ubisoft

The newly launched NFT collection by Ubisoft is referred to as DIGITS. These are NFTs that you can use in-game. We’re not exactly sure about what’s so different about them but it could be the fact that these NFTs with in-game use cases can be resold.

Recently, a senior character artist at Apex Legends tweeted about the new NFT platform and their NFT collection. After doing her research, she figured out that Quartz, partnered with Ubisoft, only sold 15 total NFTs of the DIGITS collection in total. This too was worth only $1700 in real money.

Taking this into account, it’s obvious that the new project was pretty much a flop. In contrast, a helmet available in the sale required 600 hours of playtime to be able to use it, which equals 25 whole days.

Although we can really see the project has initially flopped, you can’t really hate on a company for trying to innovate. So this is one of the interesting news about NFTs that we’ve recently seen, which really is underwhelming when it comes to Ubisoft’s NFT collection.

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