TikTok Watch History is Happening!

TikTok Watch History will allow you to finally find that video you saw. This feature should save you from the mental anguish of trying to locate that video you could’ve sworn you saved. It looks like TikTok may finally give us a straightforward way to browse through a running list of the videos we’ve seen on the app.

TikTok Watch History Confirmation Source:

Social media consultant Matt Navarra retweeted findings from Twitter user Hammod Oh, who frequently unearths upcoming features on various social platforms. Oh’s screenshot indicates the “Watch History” option will appear under the “Content and Activity” heading of your settings.

There still aren’t many details about what the Watch History page will look like or how it will compile your previously watched videos. The Verge reached out to TikTok about the potential feature but didn’t immediately hear back.

TikTok Watch History
Screenshot Shared on Hammod Oh’s Twitter

TikTok Watch History Alternatives:

The absence of a watch history button has led most of us to search for workarounds — and while there are some, they’re nowhere near as simple as just tapping into a Watch History button. One process involves filtering your search results by videos you’ve seen, while another requires you to download all of your TikTok data just to find a single video. If TikTok does come through with this feature, it should save us all a lot of time.


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