How To Watch Google I/O 2023?

Google I/O 2023:

Google I/O 2023 – Google has announced its annual I/O conference will begin on May 10th. The company says it’ll be “broadcast in front of a limited live audience and is open to everyone online” and that you can register to attend today.

This year, the biggest expectations revolve around all of the artificial intelligence technology Google is developing. Expect news about Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, as well as other products to generate images, write code for apps, or test product prototypes.

The Google I/O event website shows a countdown timer and other information, arranged in tiles and with spaces for notifications that are similar to the screen of a mobile device like a tablet or foldable smartpohone. Google I/O 2023
The Google I/O 2023 landing page, which looks curiously similar to a tablet or foldable device UI.Image: Google

The conference is typically where we’ll get information about the next version of Android — which Google has already previewed for developers — as well as where we’ll see various hardware announcements. Android and Chrome are now operating on screens of all sizes, from wrists to the TV and everything in between, so there’s plenty of room for speculation.

There are rumors that we’ll get details on the Pixel 7A and the long-rumored Pixel Fold during the keynote, and it’s possible we could hear more about the company’s upcoming tablet. Given that the invitation to the event looks pretty much exactly like a tablet, that last one feels like an almost sure thing.


Google is expected to have more than 20 artificial intelligence products launching this year and will show many of them off during I/O.

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