Instagram New Features Update

Instagram New Features: DM’s from Feed

Instagram new features update is here! IG is giving users a host of new options when sending direct messages on its platform. The most useful is a new option to quickly reply to a DM directly from your feed rather than having to go into your inbox and lose your place. There are also new share options. Not to mention, the ability to send song previews and conduct polls in group chats.

Instagram New Features
From left to right: reply from feed, the new reshare menu, and online indicators.
 Image: Meta

Instagram New Features: Song Previews

The song previews feature will offer short 30-second clips of tracks and is offered thanks to integrations with Apple and Amazon’s music streaming services, with support for Spotify coming soon. There’s also a new menu accessible from the main Instagram feed with a long-press of the share button that’ll let you quickly reshare a post to four of your closest friends.

Instagram New Features
From left to right: the @silent command, polls, and song previews.
 Image: Meta

Messages Are The Way

The platform’s head, Adam Mosseri, announced Instagram’s intention to focus on messaging this year in a video posted last year. “Messaging is one of the primary ways that people — actually it is the primary way people connect online at this point,” Mosseri said. “Instagram needs to embrace the fact that messaging is that primary form of communication.”

Instagram New Features: Silent Messages, Polls & More

Other features bring Instagram’s DMs in line Facebook Messenger’s offering, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given the company’s work to make these two chat platforms cross-compatible. Instagram is adding a similar row of profile pictures at the top of its inbox to show currently online contacts. It’s also inheriting Messenger’s polls feature. As previously announced, Messenger’s new shortcut for quietly sending messages without generating notifications for your contacts is also coming to Instagram in the form of a new @silent command.


Instagram says most of these features are now available globally, and that its music sharing is rolling out from today. However, Instagram spokesperson Christine Pai says that in Europe the platform is not able to offer features like @silent, polls, or show who’s active at the top of your inbox, due to laws in the region. Instagram is following meta’s footsteps to provide a nearly identical social media experience that’s catered directly to your needs. Just like clean phone,

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