Netflix Short-Ass Movies Is Real. Here’s How to Access it

Netflix Short-Ass Movies category is very, very real. Netflix. Yes, Netflix actually added a “short-ass” movie category in response to Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live ode to movies shorter than an hour and 30 minutes. Netflix quote-tweeted the SNL rap on Twitter, casually saying “good idea” and linking to the new short-ass movie category on Netflix.

Netflix Tweet

Netflix Short-Ass Movies Update:

On the new page, you’ll find a list of movies — organized by genre — that won’t have you stuck on the couch for hours, like Zoolander, Death at a Funeral, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Midnight in Paris, and a whole lot more. It, disappointingly, lacks some of the titles mentioned in the SNL skit, like Driving Miss Daisy and The Lion King (but maybe Netflix will bend to Davidson’s will on that as well).

Netflix Short-Ass Movies & How To Access Them:

Despite the existence of this short-ass movie webpage, I, just can’t seem to find it on the app. However, Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka says it’s “been available since 10 am PT on Mon 4/4,” and that you should be able to find it on all devices if you search for it.

Netflix Short-Ass Movies
Netflix Short-Ass Movies


If you love short-ass movies, I guess you have Davidson to thank for this one — whether you’re sick of him or not. Sure, Netflix already has a 90-minute movie category, which is basically a carbon copy of the short-ass movie one. But I think this makes things a little clearer; a 90-minute movie just sounds longer than a short-ass movie.

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