New Xbox November Update is Great News For Discord Users!

Xbox November Update:

Xbox November Update – Microsoft announced it’s starting to roll out the Xbox November update, which adds the ability to connect to Discord voice channels straight from your console, a new Captures app, and several other improvements.

Xbox November Update – Discord:

Before, if you wanted to join a voice channel on your Xbox, you’d have to use your phone or computer to transfer the call. With the update, you’ll be able to join them straight from the Discord section of the Parties and Chats menu. When Microsoft let insiders test the feature starting last month, there was still the limitation that you’d have to use your phone to join a direct one-on-one voice call.

Xbox November Update – Extra Goodies:

Microsoft says the update also includes a new Captures app that improves the experience of viewing, editing, and managing your screen recordings, which will also let you copy those captures onto an external drive. The company also says that the Series S and X will now capture 720p and 1080p recordings in slightly better quality with a higher bitrate, so things don’t get as pixelated during heated moments.

In the same game-sharing vein, the update also lets you start Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs livestreams from the Xbox itself.

Xbox November Update - Screenshot of the Xbox’s wish list sale notification.
Thanks for letting me know, Xbox.


The console’s wish list feature is also getting some upgrades; there are now pop-up and in-guide notifications for when a game on your list goes on sale (if you want them — there’s a setting to turn them off), and Microsoft says people will be able to buy items on your wishlist and have them sent to you. In conclusion, The November update will let you join voice channels straight from your console, notify you when games go on sale, and more.

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