TwitchCon 2023 Says Goodbye to San Diego – New Location!

TwitchCon 2023:

TwitchCon 2023 – Twitch has announced the US and European host cities for this year’s TwitchCon event. Paris will host TwitchCon EU on July 8th and 9th, and in October, TwitchCon US will be held in Las Vegas.

Last year, Twitch returned to live, in-person events holding them in San Diego and Amsterdam. The convention’s health policies caused controversy after Twitch announced that it would not require masks for either event. After considerable social media backlash, Twitch reversed its decision, mandating masks but only at TwitchCon San Diego. San Diego continued to make news when a streamer broke her back after falling off a mechanical bull at TwitchCon’s famous (now infamous) foam pit. This might only be a temporary change in venue. There’s a chance that Twitch could return to San Diego as it’s done in the past, returning to the city in 2019 after hosting events in San Jose and Long Beach, California.

TwitchCon 2023
SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 29: Fans entering TwitchCon at San Diego Convention Center on September 29, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Martin Garcia/ESPAT Media/Getty Images)

Holding the US leg of the event in Las Vegas seems like an interesting choice, especially after Twitch banned certain forms of gambling streams from the platform. Despite the ban, which led a prominent gambling creator to stream on a rival site connected to, one of the gambling websites explicitly banned, gambling streams are still popular on Twitch. And as livestreaming from TwitchCon is a popular pastime for the streamers in attendance, there’s no don’t doubt that some of them will film themselves actually gambling.


I guess we’ll see if that might fall afoul of Twitch’s ban in October.

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