Twitter Blue Edit Button is rolling out in the US for Paying Subscribers – Great News!

Twitter Blue Edit Button:

Twitter blue edit button is finally arriving in the US. The company will begin gradually rolling out the long-awaited feature to Twitter Blue subscribers in the US on Thursday afternoon, Twitter spokesperson Joseph Nuñez said in an email. Lucky subscribers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have had the ability to edit their typos since Monday, and now it’s coming to the US.

Twitter Blue Edit Button
Twitter Blue Edit Button

Twitter Blue Edit Button – How to see it?

If you want to see it, the key has been to look for a little pencil icon on tweets in your feed or in tweets themselves. If you want to see an edit history, click on a tweet and then on the pencil. Tweets can be edited up to five times and only 30 minutes after someone has posted the tweet. See it for yourself in this tweet from MKBHD.

Twitter Blue Edit Button – How to get it?

Once the ability to edit a tweet has rolled out to you, you’ll be able to find it in the Labs section of the app that’s available to Twitter Blue subscribers, which costs $4.99 per month. Some tweets can’t be edited, like replies, retweets, and polls. You can see the full list of what can’t be changed as well as read more details about the edit feature in a Twitter support document. The feature is still in testing, so some aspects could change down the line.


Twitter first announced it was really, actually, for real working on an edit button on April 1st, meaning nobody actually believed the company until the feature was officially revealed a few days later. I personally still thought it might all be some elaborate ruse, but here we are. Fingers crossed Elon Musk keeps the edit button around if he ends up actually acquiring the company, though everything with that situation is still pretty messy.

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